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Safety first: what EHS is and why we need it in construction

is EHS. EHS is the department tasked with ensuring that the work undertaken by the company does not cause undue environmental damage or put the workers'' health and safety at high risk. EHS departments enforce rules and laws regulated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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What are the Most Common Construction Site

Common Types of Construction Site Accident Falls From Height Falling Objects Tripping Hazards Defective Equipment Vehicle Accidents Excessive Noise Vibrating Tool Hazards How to Prevent Construction Site

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The Relationship Between Sleep Workplace Accidents

13/05/2022A lack of sleep impacts both physical and mental health. People who sleep poorly are at higher risk 3 for high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, and obesity. They are also at risk for developing anxiety and depression. In the workplace, excessive sleepiness can greatly increase the likelihood of a workplace accident, which can result

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10 Ways to Prevent Building Construction Site

are one of the most common causes of injury and death on construction sites. Fall protection protocols and fall protection equipment should be mandatory for all employees. What Should You Do If You Are Injured on a

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Construction Accidents: The Risks, the Facts and the

03/12/2014On construction sites, accidents can happen frequently. Each day, on average, two construction workers die of workrelated injuries in the United States. In fact, one in five workplace fatalities are

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2021 Construction Accident Statistics

in 5 employeerelated deaths in the US is due to construction work About 60% of constructionrelated deaths are due to a falling object The second cause of constructionrelated deaths is from construction falls Approximately 1,061 workers die

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5 causes of equipment failure (and how to prevent

common causes of equipment failure Cause #1: Improper operation Cause #2: Failure to perform preventive maintenance Cause #3: Too much preventive maintenance Cause #4: Failure to continuously monitor

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Top causes of global construction fatalities, and how

CONSTRUCTION SITE FIRES. At times, construction site fires may be caused by the carelessness of workers or supervisors. Fires may start or spread due to the prominence of items such as fuel and

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Common Types of Construction Site Accidents

1. HeightRelated Accidents Accidents such as falls from heights or ladders, being struck by falling objects, and scaffold collapses can result in traumatic injuries or fatality. According to statistics, 42% of construction site fatalities

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Top 10 Major Causes of Accidents in Workplace

Hazardous materials can cause blindness, skin infections, diseases affecting respiratory tract and burns due to explosions.

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Heavy Machinery Accidents: Tragic and Preventable – LaborPress

alarming number of those deaths and injuries were caused by heavy equipment. Most occurred when the victim was either struck by moving equipment, or caughtin or between heavy machinery and another impediment (wall, another machine, etc). StruckBy Accidents: the Most Common

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TFR investigating cause of train crash in Mozambique

16 The TFR train was operating beyond South African borders as per the operating agreement, and had departed from Komatipoort, destined for Ressano Garcia. It had been transporting magnetite.

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Vehicle Accident Risks for Construction Workers

The most common type of accidents with any kind of vehicle is a collision or rollover. These occur as a result of erratic driving, failure to pay attention, and reckless driving. These types of accidents are extremely dangerous to

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10 most common construction site injuries

13/07/2015Broken, fractured, or crushed bones – Due to the heavy machinery involved in this line of work, some of the most common construction site injuries are broken, fractured, or even crushed

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Preventing Accidents Involving Machinery

2011, 16 metal and nonmetal miners have died in accidents involving machinery and nonhaulage mobile and quarry equipment, and many more have been seriously injured or disabled. Of the 16 persons fatally

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